Contactless Curbside Pickup

We ask that visitors follow CDC and NJ Governor’s recommendations on social distancing and the use of masks outside of the building. Please do not loiter at the front of the building, as we need to provide safe, distanced access for all of our patrons.

The library is pleased to offer the services listed below as part of its phased reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that any or all of the services outlined below may be suspended or adjusted at any time.

Items eligible for pickup:

Library books, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs, may be borrowed by library cardholders in good standing. 5 items total, including 3 DVDs or Graphic Novels may be borrowed by each cardholder. Request items and schedule a pick-up at least 24 hours in advance of pickup time.

Placing your request:

To request items for pickup, call 856-858-0649 or email to request items. Please let us know: The title and author of the book, title of the DVD, and/or CD you wish to borrow. Note: There is a limit of 5 items, per person, at a time. When that item becomes available, staff will contact you regarding a pickup time. If you email or leave a voice message, please indicate the date and exact time you wish to pick up items (must be Tuesday OR Thursday from 10-4 or Saturday from 10am-1pm, and please select a time that is at least 24 hours in the future.)

To browse the collections and see which items are available for request, visit the catalog at . You may still place holds on items that are currently checked out and staff will notify you when those items become available.

Picking up items:

Please arrive at the date and time you scheduled with the library. Signs will direct you to the window at the Laptop Bar, where a staff member will be waiting behind the glass to confirm your ID. You may show your photo ID, library card, piece of mail directed to you, or any ID or library card on your phone through an App such as CloudLibrary, Keyring, or Cardstar. Hold this ID up to the glass, and when the staff member confirms that we have your items, we will direct you to a table at the front entrance where you may collect your items.

If you find that you cannot make the scheduled time window, please contact the library. We will try to provide a second opportunity for pickup before moving on to the next patron’s hold.

FAQ: How will I know my curbside items requested via email or voicemail are ready to be picked up?
Staff will contact you either by email or by phone to confirm your requests and your pick up time.

FAQ: Are there certain times you are accepting returns?
All the time! You can return items in the drop box at any time, whether the library is open or closed. What if I have items to return but do not feel safe coming to the library at this time? Please hold onto them. You can let us know that you would like to keep the items longer by calling the library or emailing If you have items that were borrowed for you from another library, please return the item(s) in the metal drop box outside the library’s entrance.

FAQ: What is the library doing to make materials safe for me to borrow?
All materials returned to the library are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before being checked-in and made available for borrowing. Library staff take safety precautions, including wearing PPE when handling materials and continuously cleaning surfaces throughout the day. However, patrons must assess their own risk level when borrowing and handling shared community materials. At home, a wipe-down with clorox wipes on external, plastic covers or extra quarantine days can be additional safeguards.

FAQ: What if I don’t know what I want to read or watch, or what you have available?
Give us a call! Our librarians are happy to talk with you on the phone or by email to help make recommendations based on your interests and reading history. You can also fill-out a book recommendation request form.

FAQ: Can I come into the library just for a few minutes to browse the shelves?
You may come in to browse the shelves by appointment only.
Appointments are hourly and available on the following days:
Monday and Wednesday from 10-6, and Friday from 10-4.
Please call 856-858-0649 and a staff member will make an appointment for you.

Meeting Room
The library meeting room is not open to the public at this time.

Copying, Printing, and Scanning Services:
You may make an appointment to use the Copying, Printing, Scanning areas by appointment. You can also use computers and wifi in this area during your appointment.
Appointments are hourly and available on the following days:
Monday and Wednesday from 10-6, and Friday from 10-4.
Please call 856-858-0649 and a staff member will make an appointment for you.

The library is not able to accept donations at this time.