Northstar Digital Literacy

Northstar Digital Literacy is an online program designed to help individuals improve their computer skills. This program provides users with a range of interactive activities, videos, and quizzes to help them become more proficient in topics such as: understanding digital privacy, navigating the internet, creating digital content, and using digital devices. These activities are tailored to each user’s level of experience and are designed to be fun and engaging. The program also includes a library of digital media resources, such as articles, videos, and tutorials, to help users learn more about digital literacy topics. Northstar Digital Literacy has been used by individuals, organizations, and schools across the United States to empower people become more confident in the digital world.

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Courses Available Now

Essential Computer Skills

Essential Software Skills

Technology in Daily Life

Basic Computer Skills **

Microsoft Word

Social media

Internet Basics **

Microsoft Excel

Information Literacy

Using Email **

Microsoft PowerPoint**

Career Search Skills

Windows **

Google Docs

Accessing Telehealth

Appointments **

Mac OS


Your Digital Footprint


Supporting k-12 Distance Learning

**= Course is available in Latin American Spanish