Teen Action Group (TAG)

TAG is on hiatus for the summer.  Check back for updates in the fall.  

What is TAG?

TAG is a group of teens committed to making the library a better place.  TAG works with the Teen Services Staff to improve teen programs, the Teen Area, and the YA book collection.  TAG takes ownership of teen services at the library, providing an opportunity to turn the library into what you want it to be! 

Who is eligible for TAG?

TAG is open to all teens in Collingwood and surrounding towns ages 13-18.  New members are welcome! 

When is TAG?

TAG meets once a month on Thursdays from 3pm-4pm from September through June. Fall meetings are Sept 23, Oct 2, Nov 18, Dec 16.  Stay tuned for Winter and Spring dates. 

What do I get out of it?

  • Free food and drinks
  • A voice in deciding what stuff the library can offer teens
  • Volunteer hours 
  • Membership in TAG looks awesome on college applications
  • The eternal and undying gratitude of the Teen Services Staff

What do you actually do at a TAG meeting?

We’ll chat about teen services ideas over snacks and drinks.  We’ll vote on program ideas.  We’ll chat about books, movies, or games the library should purchase. Sometimes we’ll plan large events.  The Teen Services Staff will make bad jokes and you’ll do your best to humor them. 

TAG members also get to do things like:

  • Read preview copies of new Young Adult books and decide whether the library should buy them
  • Pick out new items for the teen areas
  • Help plan programs for teens
  • Help put together fun things for the Teen Space
  • Make social media posts for the library
  • Other fun stuff that you decide

What if I can’t make every meeting?

That’s totally okay! Sometimes you might have an event at school, or a family conflict, or maybe just too much homework. We have some TAG members who only come in the spring because they’re in a fall sport and have practice that night. All we ask is that you come when you can, and try to let us know when you can’t.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

Fill out our online volunteer application and select TAG as the position you’re applying for.  Paper applications are available at the front desk.  You can also come to the library and chat with the Teen Services Staff.  For more information or questions, email Melissa at mdesantis@collingswoodlib.org